Vinyl Record Project

What do you think about a cool, nostalgic, vinyl 45 record featuring the two Adam West tribute songs, Adam West Blues and Batman? We know how vinyl is making a comeback. Well, I’m trying to give away 500 of them!

45 Record Plaque 11-19-2018 1200x1220After my involvement in Adam West Day in Walla Walla with the songs Batman, and Adam West Blues, I thought, what better thing for Adam West and Batman fans, especially given the 60’s era when vinyl records were king, than to have an opportunity to hold a real, playable, souvenir vinyl record in their hands.

And even better, what if they could have one for free? What if there were 500 available to give away!  That’s what I’m talking about. So I am trying to raise money with to purchase for the purpose of giving away to adoring Adam West and Batman fans, up to 500 of these nostalgic, vinyl 45 records featuring the two Adam West tribute songs, Adam West Blues and Batman. These are songs that were featured in the Adam West Day celebrations in Walla Walla in 2017 and 2018. I’d love for fans to be able to feel, smell, and admire these collectable souvenir records for free. I’m not trying to profit from this project, just get a slick piece of memorabilia out there to Adam West fans.

I am not asking you to contribute to this project. If you are interested and want to help, awesome, thank you! Maybe you are one of the many fans who would love to have this record, and maybe you know someone who would dig supporting this project to help make that happen.  Let them know!

My Indiegogo campaign only goes through the month of November 2018, the link is: Please share it to help make this Adam West tribute a reality.


Daniel Minteer