Guitar Solos to Break a Coma

If I ever end up in a coma, trying playing me these guitar solos, and see if I respond! Ha! (these are not in any particular order)

Rush 2112 solo from The Dream/Soliloquy,

Rush 2112 solo from A Passage to Bangkok,

Rush Moving Pictures solo from Limelight,

Boston solo from A Man I’ll Never Be,

Pink Floyd solo from Comfortably Numb,

David Gilmour solo from On An Island (Live In Gdańsk),

Thin Lizzy solo at end of Chinatown,

Gary Moore solo from Out in the Fields,

Gary Moore solo from Murder in the Skies,

Gary Moore solo from Still Got the Blues,

Gary Moore solo from Story of the Blues,

Gary Moore solo from Walking By Myself,

Marc Reese solo from Teach Me Tonight

Journey solo from Mother Father,

Journey solo from Still They Ride,