#1 F.A.N.

Fame Wannabe Uses Chameleon Vocals to Stalk Fans

The premier release of #1 F.A.N. and the unlikely story of its origins.

The musical faction MINTEER has hit it out of the park with this driving new tune, #1 F.A.N., just released to all major digital music platforms.  A fast paced and totally rocking tune containing elements reminiscent of the 1970s and ’80s, it was originally intended to be a song called Google It, about the ease of finding all the answers to life online.  But it instead morphed into #1 F.A.N., a song about internet stalkers and fame wannabes.

Interestingly, #1 F.A.N. sat on a shelf for two years before being recorded.  Why?  Says Dan Minteer, “At the time it was written, we thought no one wanted to hear about internet stalkers and narcissists.  But enter COVID-19.  We were all stuck at home, and spending more time online than ever.  And well, many more of us turned into narcissists and stalkers.”

Looking for a new tune to record, MINTEER recently stumbled upon this strange and fun ditty, called Number One Fan, in the Drafts folder.  The song was ninety-five percent complete, yet seemed to be missing one thing.  Minteer recalls, “As we played around with the order of the song and jammed to one of the musical fills between the verses, the lyrics and melody just popped into my head, ‘I’m your number, number one, your one and only fan.’  Seemed like it should be the main ingredient.”  Indeed.

The intriguing part of the story is this:  You would never guess that a single vocalist is doing all the vocal parts in this captivating song, much less an old rocker!   You know, there was a time when rockers thought they’d be over the hill and washed up by age thirty.  Good thing that’s not really the case. 

The premier YouTube video is as fascinating as the song.  And if you want to know what F.A.N. really stands for, check it out.