What Is It?

rocker 2BMusic has been a consuming passion my entire life. I feel it, think it, dream it, love it, do it! My brain was shaped by many a rock and blues and soulful vibe. And Weird Al Yankovic. Wacky lyrics and groovy jams. Clocked By A Clown. Please don’t judge me by that. — Daniel Minteer

About the single, Adam West Blues

“Great song, great song writer, and very good musician and a very nice man, love you.”
Johnny Green from the original 66 Batman tv shows

“Adam West Blues was our official song for the 2nd annual Adam West Day and we think it is AWESOME!!!! Words cannot thank you enough for your masterpiece that will truly stand the test of time!” Jonathan Grant, Adam West Day organizer

About the album, Calling All Aliens

MINTEER’s latest album, Calling All Aliens, is an admirable example and culmination of the rock-blues fusion that showcases many of his signature techniques.

Venusian Green: “Where Minteer truly flourishes is with his knack for lyrics that are both celebratory and pure weird. It’s Blues. It’s Classic Rock. It’s Alternative. Actually, I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I like it.”

“Calling All Aliens is an eclectic mix of styles and tunes that is infectious and accessible to any music fan.”  Rob Penland, The Mad Music Asylum

“A beguiling blend of melodic pop, bluesy rock, eastern vibes and psychedelic trippery.”  Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

“If I were an extraterrestrial life form and I somehow happened to stumble onto this record, I’d steer clear of planet Earth…”  The Band Camp Diaries

“A highly unusual record.” Cross Rhythms