Bits and Bobs Newsletter

Bits and Bobs Newsletter

Horse Pucky

“Are you sure you wanna go through with this?”  After singing the seventh take and still sounding as bad as the first, the producer was concerned whether this project was even possible given that fact that I’d been kicked in the throat by a spastic horse just a day earlier.


Luckily it wasn’t a direct on, full-force kick or I wouldn’t be telling this story.  No, it was more of a sideswipe that, although just about knocking me over, left me coughing for hours and with a growing lump in my neck that now hindered my ability to finish the vocal tracks.

How I got kicked is a fluke, and too humiliating to repeat.  Bottom line, I wasn’t about to waste my studio time for anything.  And so, the song Spoiked is what resulted.  Funny, some think the vocals sound a little too strained but I think they’re spot on.

Okay, there are no lyrics to Spoiked that I’m aware of except something vaguely involving food, and the above bits may be fabricated. But the music is not – Spoiked is for real.

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