Batman & Adam West Day

Batman – the rest of the story!


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Walla Walla’s Adam West Day Batman song – the rest of the story

A day-long Adam West Day tribute celebration in Walla Walla on September 19, 2017, spearheaded by Jonathan Grant of the Marcus Whitman Hotel, included members of Adam West’s family to officially cut the ribbon for the Grand Opening Ceremony and accept keys to the City, discussions with Ruben Procopio (famous artist, animator, sculptor), and appearances by iconic Clint Young, a.k.a. Batman, and his Batmobile throughout the city.

The event was golden with a special showing of the Starring Adam West movie, lighting of the bat signal on the historic Marcus Whitman Hotel, and live performances of a unique version of Batman written by Daniel Minteer and performed live along with popular singer/songwriter Debra Arlyn.

And the rest of the story?

The Batman song that was performed during the very first Adam West Day in Walla Walla was written back in 1978 in Montana by Daniel Minteer as a tribute to the original Batman TV series and then put on a shelf for thirty-nine years!  Apparently after the proper aging time, it was recorded in Walla Walla and unveiled as part of an eclectic rock album in 2017 (Calling All Aliens, by MINTEER) which was ironically released just months prior to Adam West’s death.

Says Walla Walla music artist Daniel Minteer, “He’s another great hero gone missing.  Adam West and Batman left a memorable mark on so many in so many ways.  Having grown up watching the 1960s Batman TV series with Adam West and with all the musical influences from that era, it seemed only fitting given my love of music that I would later write my own rock and roll version of Batman in 1978 just after graduating from high school.  Back then I remember telling people, ‘If they ever come out with another Batman movie, I have just the song, ha ha ha!’

Our band High Voltage used to perform Batman back in the day, and I recall our bass player adding some cool laughs in the verses.  Fun times.  Though it was a favorite tune to play, I never officially recorded it until this past year for inclusion on the Calling All Aliens album.  I tried to stay true to my original rock anthem.”

Minteer continued, “It was uncanny coincidence and timing that I would end up living in Adam West’s home town, record Batman at all after so many years, and then by chance release it as part of a new album just before Adam West died, wow.  And now this awesome Adam West Day in Walla Walla.”


A high octane stroll down memory lane? That’s one way to put it but there is much more to the legend of punchy clowns, partying jungle animals, ugly women, a harassed Batman, and threatening aliens.  Ha ha ha…sounds like another Batman re-run!

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